SINCE 1992

Arctristal Bohemia is family glassfactory. It was established by Mr. Jan Machálek in year 1992. The firm is situated 50 km to the east from Prague (the capital city of Czech Republic). In this time the firm has about 20 employers.

From the beginning we focused on production decorative glass articles. Design of products is created by ourself and we produce only our collections.


The production started in 1992. Several colour molten glass was melted. The products were blown by pipe into wood forms and then the surface was cut.

Gradually the small decorative items were produced. Colour molten glass kept the base of production.

After five year the paperweights became the base of production. Colour molten glass was replaced by clear crystal molten glass, which was decorated by colour glass during production.

Typical round paperweights were formed into various shapes. New basic sortiment was created.

Paperweights in various shapes became basic production program. In this time we are one of leading producer of paperweights.

New shape of egg was created. It became very popular.

New shape opened ways for adjustment – cutting and sand blasting. The sortiment was spread.

New shapes are produced and thanks to it the offer of decorative and collector‘s collections is wider.

When Czech Republic became member of EU, the firm changed philosophy on direct selling. It made expansion of sortiment possible.

We created new collection of glassworks handmade items. In the first glass vases were and then glass animals were added.

The collections are spread with other sortiment of decorative items. Some of them are used as semi-finished product for trophies – particulary in USA for PGA TOUR.

Our customers bring a lot of ideas for new items.

Simply ...
“Make things with pleasure and for pleasure”